About Open Arms Kerry (OAK)

The Open Arms Kerry is an organisation revolved around mental health and suicide. The committee consists of 12 volunteers and our goal is to create an outreach for people in crisis. One hundred percent of all funding raised will be contributed to the actual cause. It will consist of a local support centre and a website. The support centre will be fully administered by local volunteers.


The mental health system in Ireland has improved in recent years. This has made it more acceptable to step out from that vale of secrecy, to loosen the restraints of stigma, to admit that sometimes we are not okay and that it is perfectly okay to reach out for that olive branch. Thankfully, this is the direction we are moving. Yet, some people still suffer in silence and may think there is no way out before it is too late. It is because of those very reasons that our organisation emerged.  We hope to provide an outreach for people who are suffering with mental health issues and/or suicidal thoughts and deliver hope and support to anyone who feels like there is none.

How Can I Get Involved

Our organisation relies on donations from the public to maintain its continuation. Your generosity would greatly be appreciated. Please visit our Donate page to make a contribution, no matter how small. You could save someones life who is in a crisis situation.

Other ways you can help:

  • Donate your time in whichever way you deem appropriate
  • Contribute any input into the cause you feel may help
  • Charitable donations in the form of household items or clothing
  • Contact us for details on how you may get involved